What is hairy Crab

What is Hairy Crab

They’re a seasonal crab and the season is from around October, after Mid-Autumn Festival, to end of December but it varies slightly year to year. They’re called hairy crab because they’ve got patches of brownish hair right around the claws. It’s a Shanghainese dish and Hairy Crabs are small in size, so it’s not about the meat in the crab like an Alaskan King Crab, Sri Lanka Crab but it’s all about the crab roe and crab milt.

The most expensive and top quality Hairy Crabs, think of the “Bordeaux of Wines”, come from Yangcheng Lake (阳澄湖) in Jiangsu Province in China and they can be really insane.

👉First lake encountered by sea water and fresh water at the intersection of the Yangtze River.
👉The unique geographical conditions provide a high quality environment for the growth of Hairy Crabs.
👉 The ratio of calcium, magnesium, silicon, aluminium and oxygen in YangCheng Lake is rich and balanced, making the crabs healthier that provides the uniquely sweet flavour.

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