Now In Season: Hairy Crab Craze

Now In Season: Hairy Crab Craze

We bet you have heard so much about hairy crab (大閘蟹/上海毛蟹) for the last month don’t you! And if this is your first time coming across hairy crab, here’s some insides of this autumn delicacy, which we believe will help you understand better about the crabs and ways to savour it.

Yup! Hairy crab is a Shanghainese cuisine, it is commonly steamed as a whole without adding any condiments, this is so to preserve its original taste and flavor. Hairy crab is best savored with crab vinegar or black vinegar which helps to enhance the natural crab flavor.

Hairy crab is small in size as compared to King Alaska crab, but the essence of hairy crab is not just its meat but the milt and roe that we are after!
For male crabs we are looking at white milt and golden roe (黄金膏 + 白色膏)
whilst Female crabs are orange and golden roe (黄金膏 + 金桔膏).

Some say eating hairy crab is like “Love At First Sight” (一见钟情)
Other say: “Sweet to the heart” (心里甜滋滋).

How about you? 
Why not place your order now and try it yourself!
We are sure it will not disappoint you and you will have something to say after eating this delicious delicacy. 

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PS: Random Home Cooking Photo, maybe not be so professional.


Female Hairy Crab

Orange + Golden Roe


Male Hairy Crab

White Milt + Golden Roe

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