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Food Steamer x Choimart hairy Crab

We have been receiving lots of enquiry from many of you on how to better retain the flavour of the hairy crabs. and here’s our little secret, that is to retain as much steam as possible during steaming. easy not?

That said, we thought having a good food steamer will be able to help you better savour these once in a season crabs! and as our way of saying thank you to you, we will be giving away 10 sets of Europace food steamer for 11.11 !
To get this limited sets, simply make a purchase total of three (3) Packages, Can be Gold packages, Platinum Packages or Mix of both Packages at one single checkout and you will stand a chance to walk away with Singapore’s Top electrical brand food steamer! wait no more! head over to our site or whatsapp us at +65 8655 8688 to place your order now!

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T&C Applied
1. Packages purchased can be deliver on different dates, different addresses before the season ended.
2. Food steamer will be couriered together with the first package.
3. Offer applied to Online Purchase, Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp Chat
4. Orders must have at least 1 package of Platinum Package out of 3 packages in a single checkout.
5. Promotion not applicable for any Gold Mini Package, Platinum 4 Package.

6. The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

优质蒸笼 X 大闸蟹


话虽如此,我们认为拥有一个优质的蒸笼可以帮到您更好的品尝到每一只大闸蟹的鲜甜口味!除了跟您说一声谢谢以外,我司将赠送10套 Europace蒸笼来表达您对我们的支持与信任!

要获得限量套装,只需在一次结帐时购买三(3)个套餐,可以是金牌套餐,白金套餐或两者的组合,您就有机会带走新加坡顶级电器品牌的电蒸笼!欢迎访问我们的网站或 whatsapp 致电到 +65 8655 8688 拍单!

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3.优惠适用于在线购买,Facebook Messenger和 Whatsapp Chat
5.促销不包含 Gold Mini 和 Platinum 4 配套