Emerald Package(翡翠6只装配套)

Only for Pre-Orders! 6 Pieces 350g – 430g Male Hairy Crabs

Product Description

  • 6 Pieces 350g above Male Hairy Crabs (Jumbo Male)
  • 2 x Hairy Crab Scissors
  • 3 x Crab Vinegar
  • 2 x Packet of Tea Leaves
  • 2 x Hairy Crab Meat Picker
  • 2 x Hairy Crab Meat Spoon
  • 4 x Packages of Ginger Tea

*  Emerald Hairy Crab is rare, crabs come in confirmed Male 350g and above and 250g above for Female
Package above subjected to Pre-orders Only. NO ready stocks available.
Delivery Dates & Time will be confirmed via whatsapp message, Email or Facebook Messenger.