Now In Season: Hairy Crab Craze

We bet you have heard so much about hairy crab (大閘蟹/上海毛蟹) for the last month don’t you! And if this is your first time coming across hairy crab, here’s some insides of this autumn delicacy, which we believe will help you understand better about the crabs and ways to savour it. Yup! Hairy crab is […]

YangCheng Lake Hairy Crab

Did you know that there are differences between hairy crabs in Yang Cheng Lake(阳澄湖)  and other lakes?  It can be of a challenge to distinguish just by naked eyes. E.g Taihu Lake(太湖) and Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are similar in “Green Shell 青背”, “White Belly 白肚” and “Golden Claw 金爪”. You might be able to […]


10.10 Sales also known as the perfect 10 sale Singapore, this is an annual event that online shoppers looking forward to. Major online shopping sites in Singapore celebrates this Perfect Deal. This can only mean good news for everyone that shops online. Choimartsg will jump onboard providing $100 OFF for every Perfect10 Hairy Crab packages […]

Pre-Order Promotion

Choimart Presents you Original Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab 2019  Choimart will be giving an Early Bird Special for all Pre-orders packages.Estimated delivery starts 29 September 2019. All our packages comes  with 1 x Hairy Crab Scissors 1 x Packet of Tea Leaves 1 x Hairy Crab Meat Picker 1 x Hairy Crab Meat Spoon 2 […]